Dry mattress padding when on the road or trail is a life saver. A good night of sleep, a dry backpack, and clean equipment are all ideal when camping or traveling. HyperDrii helps keep you and your equipment dry and healthy with trade secret technology.

Can I keep mattress padding clean and dry?

Mattress padding is a crucial item for any camping trip. Whether you are camping in a tent or in an RV, clean equipment and clothing is key to comfort.

You can keep your mattresses clean and dry in many conditions. Unless you are in a constant blizzard or rainstorm, you have access to the outdoors where you can air dry your mats and mattresses.

Do my mats need to be dry?

A dry mat is ideal. They:

  • Keep food and other items away from ground moisture
  • Prevent fuel from becoming swamped and unusable
  • Keep you and your clothing from becoming wet and uncomfortable
  • Allow you to get a full night of sleep

A good mat permits long trips to become memorable instead of unbearable. Nothing is worse than being unable to cook breakfast while sitting around in wet clothing after a torrential downpour.

The HyperDrii Benefit

HyperDrii goes a step beyond other mats and mattresses to keep you and your equipment dry in almost any condition. We strive to provide the best possible traveling experience with multiple layers of protection.

Our entire platform starts with a marine waterproof layer, the same as used by boating enthusiasts. We then build extra protection up to a mattress underlayer.

Mildew and Mold Resistance

Our products are dry and clean. We created a mold and mildew resistant layer within our mats to improve longevity. There is no need to suffer from unsavory smells while bacteria festers within.

Our mats promote health and cleanliness. Worry less and relax more while our layer prevents the buildup of unwanted microscopic invaders.

Air Venting

We did not stop at cleanliness. Comfort is important to our team. We included an air venting layer that allows heat to escape while making it easy to thoroughly air dry your mat.

This dual purpose venting layer lets your body heat out. It also prevents the ground from baking your mattress. Air out your mat during the day to keep it in top condition.

Durability and Longevity

So much technology can seem complex but is actually quite simple. We engineered our mats to hold up to 800 pounds and back them with 20 year limited warranties.

The design is durable and reliable. There is no need to worry about wearing out your mat.

Dry Mattress Padding that Works

Dry mattress padding that cleans with ease can seem like a dream. However, HyperDrii promotes health and longevity. Our products are made to keep you dry for decades.

Keep your food, fuel, and self dry when camping, working, or playing. A HyperDrii mat is engineered to perform. Find out how you can benefit from our trade secret technology. Buy a mat today.



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