What Types Of Carpet Stains Are Hard To Remove? (and how to remove it!)

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What types of carpet stains are hard to remove? Carpets can be difficult to clean, and the possibility of staining a carpet is an ongoing concern. Ideally, you’d be careful not to drop things on your carpets; however, this is not always the scenario. Stains can occur in various forms of difficulty, from the relatively simple removal to the more abrasive and challenging.

Certain stains require a trained professional carpet cleaner who has the proper tools and knowledge to know what to do. So, let’s talk about the most challenging carpet stains to remove from your carpet (and some tips on how to remove them).

What Types Of Stains Are Hard To Remove?

Carpet stains are inevitable. They will occur regardless of the number of times you remind your guests and family that shoes must be left at the front door, dirty plates must be stored at the table, and you should use coasters whenever you drink any drink. Anything that isn’t intended to go onto a carpet is bound to happen. Of course, you do not wish to be someone with no interest.

Red Wine

The red wine stain is one of the well-known stains feared by many due to its dark color, which is notoriously tricky to get off the carpet.

For all spills of liquid, it is crucial to eliminate all liquid as fast as possible. Liquids have a low viscosity, allowing them to be absorbed by carpet fibers.

It is possible to use a white cloth. Or, for best results, try using an absorbent sponge. The first step is essential since the longer the liquid is left on the floor, the more it will soak into the carpet. It will soak through the carpet, then the backing, and finally, the subfloor or the underlay, making it extremely difficult to get it out.

These are among the most crucial steps in achieving the most effective outcomes. After the liquid excess has been eliminated, you need to use carpet spot removal. Then, you can begin blotting with a clean white rag or the absorbent sponge for optimal results.  Do not rub because you could cause a tear to the carpet’s fibers. 

Dabbing or blotting will be gentler for your flooring. Keep an empty bucket of water nearby to wash your cloth or sponge between the blotting. Continue blotting, washing, and repeating until the stain has been removed. 

Pet Urine

Your untrained dog or cat is the most commonly cited cause for the problem. It can soak into your carpet’s pile, backing, underlay, or subfloor when it isn’t cleaned promptly. This stain can make the dirt and odor extremely difficult to eliminate.

Eliminate any excess liquid (urine) before beginning the stain treatment. Make sure you wear gloves since it’s a biowaste. If you notice an excessive quantity, you might want to begin soaking the liquid with the help of a towel or white rags. 

Get rid of as much urine as possible. If you own an absorbent sponge, use it to remove the most urine you can. Thoroughly wash the affected spot before spraying it with any spot cleaner.

Then, cover the stain with the spot remover. Next, wet your clean cloth or sponge, then blot away the stain. Be sure to have a bucket of clean water nearby and rinse after Blotting. Repeat until you can’t see and smell the stain.

If the urine gets into your subfloor or underlay, additional intervention by a specialist will be needed. You will need a Napa carpet cleaning expert to save your carpet.


Did someone vomit on your carpet? You need to clean it right away! In addition to bodily fluids, vomit can cause trouble cleaning off your carpet. If you need the appropriate equipment. It is also essential to keep in mind to wear gloves while cleaning.

First, it is necessary to remove any solid debris by scraping it off your carpet, wrapping it, and then removing it. A spatula or similar device can assist you in scraping away the soil. Be careful not to apply any soil to the fibers of your carpet.

After you have removed the solid soil, you’ll follow the same steps as with the urine from your pet. Finally, follow up with a professional Napa carpet cleaner to eliminate any remaining contaminants.


Blood staining can result from an accident or mishap, so treat the person bleeding first. After controlling the situation, you can concentrate on cleaning your carpet.

Wear gloves and remove any blood with a paper towel or colored cloth and then wrap it up and remove it. Follow the same procedure as described above. Begin working from the outer edges of the stain toward the middle. Always apply cold water to blood staining; do not use hot water because this can cause it to dry even more.

Other Coloured Drinks

Orange soft drinks, fruit juice, and other alcohol-based beverages contain food color. Food colorings can color and stain your carpet. These are the stains well-known by carpet cleaning professionals to be a source of a challenge especially spills in bars, lobbies, and other places. It may seep into the carpet, the backing, or the underlay.

The most crucial aspect to consider when you have an incident of this kind is the speed at which you get it cleaned. If spills are left unclean, more dyes may penetrate the fibers before they can be set. Cleaning up the spill promptly or as quickly as possible is crucial.


Coffee is a different stain that you’ll need to get rid of as soon as possible before it gets permanent. Like other spills from beverages, take out as much liquid as possible. Cover it with a spot remover and begin drying.

Be sure to work from the outside of the stain towards the middle, and wash your sponge regularly to ensure that the stain doesn’t spread. You should finish with a dose of carpet deodorizer to eliminate coffee smells.

Conclusion – What Types Of Stains Are Hard To Remove?

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